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Executive & Expert Search

The team with the best players wins.

As a leading human resources consultancy in the field of Executive & Expert Search, we advise and support you in searching for, finding and identifying qualified managers and experts - nationally and internationally.

We use innovative research and search strategies to ensure that candidates not only have the right professional skills, but also fit in perfectly with your corporate culture. We pay particular attention to professionalism and sustainability.

We accompany you from search to the conclusion of the contract.

We use our personal network, social media and regular interaction with industry insiders and members of our practice group within the InterSearch network to ensure that we identify the best leaders for your business.

By using evidence-based methods, we ensure that the candidates we recommend have the required social and leadership skills. We place great emphasis on objective assessment tools that help us find the best people for your organisation.

There is no progress without experts. We are looking for suitable candidates tailored to your industry and your desired profile. We use the latest technologies and algorithm-based search for traces on the internet for the most difficult profiles. We work with you to find out who is the best fit for your company, both professionally and personally. We accompany you from the search to the conclusion of the contract.

BOARD SEARCH is a pioneer in professionalism on the Supervisory Board. People at the top make the difference – the best minds on the supervisory board are THE competitive advantage, especially in times of digitization, disruption, transformation of business models and in a changed geopolitics. BOARD SEARCH as an owner-managed Austrian service company specializes in the search for qualified supervisory bodies in the German-speaking area. The supervisory board, as a “driving force” for positive corporate development, secures the company’s portfolio through future orientation. Your advantage – empowering your board!

More information at boardsearch.com

Personnel development
Training & Coaching

"The secret of getting ahead is to get started" (Mark Twain).

In the field of personnel development, we support you in recognising the potential of your employees and developing it in line with the needs of your company. The goal is to ensure the sustainable success of your organisation.

We pay special attention to transfer measures and processes that ensure the sustainability of the measures and their investment.

We are there for you if you want to learn about new topics or if you want to shape creative or change processes with our support.

There is no development without change - and no change without development.

We support your employees in a successful onboarding by accompanying them during the introduction period and ensuring that they find their way in their new field of activity. A good onboarding process helps employees to identify with the company's values and culture.

For us, this also includes professional outplacement and newplacement.

In personal development, we support your employees in developing their own potential. Existing knowledge is strengthened and new knowledge is acquired to expand the process of personal and professional growth.

In team development, we accompany you in a continuous process that the team goes through in order to achieve the common goals. Structures, behaviours and processes are analysed and developed in order to be successful together.

Together with you, we ensure that your managers have the necessary skills and knowledge to lead and motivate their teams to achieve the company's goals.

Both the Potential Analysis and the Assessment Centre serve to identify the development areas and strengths of your employees and are thus an optimal basis for individual development planning. Using evidence-based methods, we ensure that existing potential is identified and assessed so that your company can make sound decisions.

Coaching as a central element in personnel development. We support managers and employees in their individual development.

Targeted impulses from experienced coaches can break down and change ingrained patterns of behaviour and thinking. This enables a new way of looking at professional and personal challenges from different perspectives and the development of alternative solution strategies.

With our professional support, we enable managers and specialists to make a successful transition into a new professional chapter. We understand that every ending offers a new opportunity. Our experienced coaches guide you to understand the labour market and explore the needs, requirements and approaches.

We advise on reorientation and support you in finding a new area of activity.

Through this commitment, you show social responsibility and help mitigate potential crises for those affected. At the same time, you strengthen employer branding and contribute to a positive image.


With know-how and expertise to success

Management Consulting

We advise managers and executives on the development and implementation of holistic strategies and on the optimisation of their employee-related processes and measures.

A future-oriented corporate strategy forms the stable foundation of your organization. The more clearly it is defined, the more effectively it influences and shapes all areas of your company. With the involvement of all important stakeholders, we develop or adapt this solid foundation with you, translate it with you into your operational day-to-day business and accompany you in its implementation.

Organisational development is a constant process in a company to implement and adapt changes on an organisational, group and individual level.

We support medium-sized companies on this path to achieve their goals more effectively with the following steps.

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Identification of the individual areas in which changes are desired
  • Joint creation of an action plan
  • Monitoring of progress

A digital transformation requires not only the availability of the latest digital technologies, but also a holistic approach, which above all includes the willingness to adopt new ways of thinking and the active involvement of employees. This is an essential prerequisite for a successful change project. Our experts work with you to develop your digital success strategy, take care of the planning and implementation and thus ensure the sustainable success of your project.

Talents and potentials must be tapped. We assess the strengths and development potential of managers and experts in your company. We work with structured interviews, case studies, profiling or design a suitable assessment centre. This way you know which competences and development potentials your employees have and can act accordingly, e.g. in M&A or restructuring processes.



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